Our Philosophy

Everyone in life faces hardships. Whether we are born with these hardships through our own DNA, or encounter them along our path due to circumstance, we do not have to be defined by them. We need to be proactive even in the face of adversity. In other words, we need a game plan.

A quarterback in a football game is the perfect metaphor to life. He has obstacles coming towards him constantly and has choices on how to face them. Does he throw the ball? Who does he throw it to? Does he run? If he waits too long making this choice, the defense will take him down. However, this one play does not define the game. The quarterback does not give up and quit the game. He has tools to recover, maybe make a different choice for the next play, and can even lead his team to a victory despite being taken down.

This is exactly the same in life. We are not defined by any single event, even if it takes us down for a while. Maybe that event is a tough transition, such as moving to a new town or going through a divorce. The event could be adjusting to a new identity and finding a new purpose, as in retiring or leaving military service. Maybe the hardship is not a single event, but a lifetime of coping with a mental illness. To face any of these hardships directly is incredibly difficult. It is often easier to ignore the problems and push them aside. This can only work for so long, however. If the quarterback did this, he would be on his back the entire game, beaten down constantly. Instead, we must be proactive. We must live life on the offense. No matter how low we are beaten down, we can come back to win the game. We can survive and even thrive.